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Cool Spacers needed for clearance or for looks?

Originally Posted by masmole View Post
Turner's E90 definitely has aftermarket suspension. It's pretty low too, although I'm not sure what springs or coilovers they're using. The E9x M3's have obscenely large fenders and as long as you don't go nuts with too aggressive of an offset or width up front, you shouldn't have any problems even with a lowered suspension. I'd be more worried about suspension clearance if going with anything larger than a 9.5" width rim up front. Turner and a few others use a 10" rim up front and seem to have no issues.

I have a square set of 275/35 NT01s mounted on LTW5 18x9.5 ET35 with 12mm spacers all around effectively making them +23 offset wheels, and with Eibach springs installed, I have no issues although I haven't taken it to the track yet.

I'm thinking about this too. Wondering if you need the spacers for clearance or are they really for the better looks?

I'm wonding if I can stuff an 18" x 10" in front with 25 offset? Any ideas?