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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
My wife saw a 135 the other day and said aloud.... "Awe that BMW is soooo cuuute." I haven't heard her talk like that about anything except for the pugs she used to have. Nuff said.

If the 1 would have been as light as BMW led us to believe it would be, I would be driving that now. Instead, they f'ed it up and made it fatter than it should be. I don't care about looks, of course, as I drive an E90. I personally think the E90 is uglier than the E82, but whatever....

They're both great cars. I'd do either.
QFT. I do drive a 1, but I could feel the 200lb difference personally, but the outside dimensions where even more of a concern. I also figured more performance parts would be available for the 1er long run, as more people would use them for club racing. Seems to be holding true thus far, with TC Kline working on some serious parts, along with Berk and a few others.
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