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7. Attach module B to the harness using zip-tie like i did or somewhere else ... it is not the best spot because it make a bit hard to install plastic cover at the end.

8. Install the Black connector into Blue connector and then reinstall Blue connector. I used zip-tie to get all those wires together ...

9. Now you need to remove your Airbag. Make sure you have no power going to your car or it can be very bad and dangerous !

Use medium size flathead screwdriver and insert it into very little openings (one on each side)

Insert screwdriver like this

Not like that

Push on it with the moderate force and pull that side of the airbag gently

Then do the other side

Now you can open Green and Black clips/locks with a flathead screwdriver. Take it easy and don't break them

10. Disconnect the connector from the Coil spring cartridge (Grey/Yellow and Black)

11. Now you can remove your old steering wheel by using 16mm or 5/8 socket

12. Now we need to remove upper/lower steering column trim. Pull the upper part first. Pull it up and do one side at a time. You can use a medium size flathead screwdriver and push it up from the inside, but be very careful and don't punch yourself ... it hurts like a B... trust me

Tape the upper part to the dash

13. Remove the lower part by pressing on the tabs (one on each side)

14. Now remove Coil spring cartridge with T15 torx. Unplug Black small connector on the RT side.

Make sure not to pull the whole assembly out of the column. Very Important. Unclip all the clips and remove just the Coil spring cartridge and nothing else. These are the clips that are holding it on the side, so make sure to unclip them

15. Install the new Coil spring cartridge that came with you new PSW. Don NOT connect the Black connector just yet.

16. Now you need to remove the center console to rout the harness to the steering column. I did it this way but you might decide to do it differently.

17. This is how I routed A7

18. Read PDF instruction and remove wires from the Black connector ( the one I told you not to connect to your new Coil spring cartridge) and insert them into A7 white connector. They are numbered 1-6 and you need to insert them the same way ... #1 from Black connector goes to #1 in A7 White connector and so on ...

Now you CAN connect A7 White connector into you new Coil spring cartridge

19. Zip-tie the wires together and put back steering wheel column trim.

20. Transfer everything from your old wheel to your new PSW and install everything back. Read the PDF file. Connect black connector from the new Coil spring cartridge to the Green connector on you new PSW. The rest is the same. In PDF file it says to connect Black connector to Black but it is actually Green and not Black. Just FIY.

It should look like this

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