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Originally Posted by wuyichao View Post
Hi guys,

I had no prior track experience at all, and I'm looking forward to do lapping with my friends' cars. So is my friend who drives a E92 M3, we are both looking forward to track our cars any time soon.

What are the proper procedures from being a novice to an advance performance driver?

Do we have to take performance driving courses in order to track our cars?

We live in nassau area of LI, so we dont want to drive 200miles just to take a performance driving lesson.

Thanks in advance for any input!

The first thing is really to determine what your goals are. What do you want to truly achieve? If you want to learn to be a better driver, then you will need a LOT of seat time with proper instruction. I don't know the quality of BMWCCA instructors. I know PCA instructors, and I don't think they are that great (with some exceptions). It's a voluntary system, time IS limited, and you DO get what you pay for. The instructors are there to have fun too. There are some exceptions, but they mostly teach you enough to just go around the track. No more. Besides true driving schools (Skip, etc.), the best instructors are in SCDA in my opinion. So you can look into that. A lot more insight.

Don't worry about tires, pads, brake fluid, etc. right now. You'll have other things to focus on. More often than not though, from what I've seen firsthand, people worry too much about tires, pads, fluid, lines, weight savings, what color helmet to get, bigger brakes, suspension, and all sorts of things. These same people would be better served spending their money on lessons. But to each his own. If you just want to go mess around and drive fast, then do that. Nothing wrong with that either. You just need to decide on your goals and what is is that you want to achieve, as I said.