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Originally Posted by BMWI6 View Post
Let me think about this for a minute.... they say the new 1M will have a four cylinder engine! Thats retarded considering that you can already get a 6 cylinder twin turbo on the 135, so unless they plan on putting 4 variable geometry turbos on the 4, my guess is that it will never make the power the 135 makes with a $500 tune. Ive seen a 135 make 400hp on a dyno, so why would anyone buy this car. Now getting the n54 and strapping it with twin scroll turbos makes for one sweet and powerful combination for the 1M OR the M3... OH and as for BMW building a V6!!!!! LOL, the day that happens, I am sure 99% of this board would have already switched to audi or mercedes just by the thought of it.
The point is that it wouldn't have to make that much horsepower if they kept the weight low enough. I'm guessing they could save something like 100lbs or more with a 4 cylinder engine as opposed to the N54 and possibly even more if they used a magnesium block (assuming they perfect the building process to withstand more boost pressure). To me a sports car means lightweight. BMW's traditionally weren't meant to be drag vehicles lol...

Hate to be the one to let you know but the horsepower wars are over. Enter the efficiency wars!

If they can get the next 1 series down to around 3,000lbs (opposed to the ridiculous 3300-3400 its at now), give it around the same hp, improve efficiency 5% and add on the M goodies like 6 piston brakes etc we'll have a winner. Oh and the damn thing better have a LSD!

Oh and I second the i6. A v6 would be blasphemy and marketing suicide. That's like Coca Cola changing their formula... you just don't mess with perfection or in this case comparative advantages.

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