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Originally Posted by Rawhide View Post
Both cars are great.

I think in most generally accepted qualitative ways the 3er is the better car. But seriously people, we're all driving around in awesome cars (be it a 128 or an M3) while billions on this planet don't even have indoor plumbing.

I worked very hard in school and later in my career to get to a place where I could afford my "cheap" BMW 128i. And even after owning it for 5 months, every time I push the start button I smile. Is the best car ever? I could care less because I'm happier than a pig in shit to be driving one. And if I was somehow disappointed for "only" driving a brand new 128i then that, my friends, would officially make me a spoiled brat.

So which is better? Who cares, be happy for your good fortune and enjoy the ride.
Good post. I guess I was trying to incite a flamewar between 335i and 135i owners (not really a flamewar, but a healthy venting of opinions). It was in poor taste.