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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
so if that's the case, why egg him on with inane bullshit? ignore him and get on with life instead of carrying on for hours about how you're better than him. all you say is "blah blah blah imma beat your ass blah blah." you're not impressing a single person on this board. put him on your ignore list and get on with life.
Blake you are turning out to be alright after all. But not once did I say anything like "I am going to beat your ass" again you just like sticky are creating this false image, i just wanted to meet up wit h the guy thats all.

because he would never backmouth me in person

please go on and quote the part where i said i want to beat his ass.

if anything sticky said that if we meet up he will use his hand.. never did i once insult him or threaten him, he was the coward that did.