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Originally Posted by unique View Post
see blake that is where you are wrong.. this is why i am upset, go read all my posts before my part out thread, hell go read my part out thread. you will see where this all started..

it goes like this.

I decide to part out my car... i state my opinion about the e46 m3 being a better car

then, sticky argues that..

later some guy who knew me asked me how i mod and where i get my money from and told the forum i am 20.

then the bashing began, not once have i mentioned my age, and bragged about anything on this forum..

even when i modded my car i was so simple and never really posted..

sticky made me look like a monster. he is a punk, and NO one likes him, some guy pms him telling me about him, and what kind of a guy he is.. he is a fucking dick

No Doubt

Sticky and anyone who's down with him is a bitch
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