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Originally Posted by unique View Post
see blake that is where you are wrong.. this is why i am upset, go read all my posts before my part out thread, hell go read my part out thread. you will see where this all started..

it goes like this.

I decide to part out my car... i state my opinion about the e46 m3 being a better car

then, sticky argues that..

later some guy who knew me asked me how i mod and where i get my money from and told the forum i am 20.

then the bashing began, not once have i mentioned my age, and bragged about anything on this forum..

even when i modded my car i was so simple and never really posted..

sticky made me look like a monster. he is a punk, and NO one likes him, some guy pms him telling me about him, and what kind of a guy he is.. he is a fucking dick
so if that's the case, why egg him on with inane bullshit? ignore him and get on with life instead of carrying on for hours about how you're better than him. all you say is "blah blah blah imma beat your ass blah blah." you're not impressing a single person on this board. put him on your ignore list and get on with life.