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Originally Posted by USCRooЯ View Post
Sticky you are one jealous guy, and on the contrary it is terribly sad.

I cant wait for Mfest myself, because I know there is no chance in hell you can talk to Davo like that in person.

And if you ever met unique in person you would know how he is.

The guy is so nice that he helped by parts for some of his friends because he knows how much they love modding too and are not as fortunate as he is, AutoTalent will vouch for this.

He is selling his mods on his car to his close friend for almost pennies.

You are just a sad man, and clearly an angry one.

Unique also made a good point, if your son was very successful academically (the guy gets the highest grades in all his classes), was successful in sports (he is one of the best waterpolo players in probably cali), was a fiend for tracking cars, and drove very accurately on the streets never having a ticket you wouldnt get him a cool car if you could. You yourself need just as much growing up.

sounds like you have a crush on him