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Originally Posted by penny31 View Post
gcc.. fuck man im young and have a bmw.. guess im an asshole too, but too bad i dont care what others think

just chill out sticky, cursing out someones family on a public forum makes u feel good?.. seriously does it really? there are kids who have far more better cars than a gt3 here in l.a.. what are you going to do? hunt em all down?

im out. hey unique, i got to see your ride in person man. thats sick.
thanks alot man. its funny you say that because in my family all my cousins are in the same age category, and there cars will blow you away..

my cousin that is 16 will be taking my current m3 in its stock form ofcourse.

my other cousin who is 19 drives an f430, and my eldest cousin is 24, and has a gallardo, that will be mine in a matter of time