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Originally Posted by unique View Post
no man that was not the wrong conclusion, that was right on the bulls eye, it is your conclusions about me that are far fetched and misleading.

you are not happy with yourself, because if you were, then you wouldn't care about the car i drive, and if i bought it myself or not.

im sorry for you bro

when yaou are seriously much older and have a son of your own you will realize tht if he was a hard working guy, handled himself well, and his accomplishments in school were bar none incredible you would get him a gt3 rs too if he was a fiend for the track. my dad tells me all the time how lucky he is for being able to get me shit like this, and i never beg him for anything, me and my old man are friends, thats why i know he will come down and meet up with you so you can piss yourself lolol... one day you will grow
You continue the focus on monetary aspects, remarkably shortsighted, I don't see anything here to suggest even a rudimentary analytical capacity.