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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Hey hiya drwnwong,

Welcome to the F1 discussion, good to have ya here.

Yes, it's true. F1 teams are implementing technology that recaptures braking energy, to then be used as an extra 80hp of power for up to 6.6 seconds per lap. This technology is called KERS; Kinetic Energy Recovery System(s). This system is not compulsory for 2009. But, teams that choose not to use it are subject to a 30kg ballast "penalty".

From what I have read on the interwebs, BMW has a good system in place. And, they plan to use it in the 1st race of the year. It sure will be interesting to see what happens between the cars that do run it, and those that don't.

Here are some excellent articles from the Formula 1 website, that explain what is going on with KERS:

KERS Charging

KERS Boosting

Also, here is a good explanation of the differences from '08 to '09:

'08 Regs vs. '09 Regs

Happy racin'
thx mate, wooo you know a lot about formula 1 do you