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Originally Posted by EmPower View Post
Ummmm.NO. The 335 has FREER FLOWING EXHAUST...the only application of this engine that has this setup..... this gives it higher #s on the dyno...330hp---~445 Nm of torque and a rolling (1 foot) 0-60 of 4.8s. The 1er is more manovreable though, but has a less precise sterring... so its a drivers race
I have yet to see any evidence to back this assertion, despite how many times it's been made. My 135i dynod 278 stock in 100 degree weather, exactly 5hp less than the highest 335i that had ever dynod on that dyno, and that was in 60 degree weather. In other words, indentical. Neither car gains much HP at all from a catback, which should tell you something.
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