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Originally Posted by Monaco35Dream View Post
I am in no way an expert, but you seem to be eating very healthy foods...i'm assuming most of the ingredients you use are fresh, not proccessed or frozen and that's a big plus...the amount of excercise you do compared to the amout, and quality of the food you're eating seems pretty normal to me, if not better than most...
Nothing was pre-made... except for maybe the chicken parm. I don't use mayo on anything and if I do use salad dressing on anything it's fat free or something. I'd like to think I am eating right, but not TOO much for the amount of training I am doing.

I know a lot of people that train and just slice what they eat in half, if that to cut weight or lean up but that is essentially just starving yourself. I'd like to hope that the eating habits I am sticking with currently on top of my workouts will help me lean up, or build muscle from the fat I do have.