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Am I eating too much?

I am 5'9 190lbs. I have PT (physical training) at least 3 days a week with Army ROTC which consists of at least 2-3 miles of running and an ab workout to follow. I usually put in 3 days at the gym my self which also includes either abs/run... or lifting/run or just lifting, whatever combination.

I am trying to ditch whatever jiggle I DO have... whether it is me using what I have now and turning it into muscle, or leaning up.

I'd like to know if I am eating too much

-4:00am: Bowl of oatmeal (2 packets)

-7:45am ish: Bagel w/ slice of ham/1 egg/cheese + a muscle milk after my run+abs

-10:40am: Yogurt parfait = plain yogurt, some granola and blueberries/rasb/raisons

-12:30pm: Roast Beef sandwich, tomato, lettuce, onion on ciabatta bread + water

-5:00pm: Spaghetti + small chicken parm + salad with lettuce, kidney beans, olives, mushrooms, green beans and a dab of dressing + the same yogurt parfait

And now it is 5:45 and I'm posting this thread.