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Originally Posted by man02195 View Post
If you're running stock pads, try to take a 5-10 minute cool down lap around the padock when you come off the track, the pads / rotors cool enough so they don't get the bad vibs next time out. Three of us with '08 M3s experimented with various pre/post session rituals, and that was the best. After a week of normal driving, the rough stuff goes away and brakes are back to normal.
Just out of curiosity, how rough was rough? Mine were noticeably shaking under moderate braking from speeds as low as 30-40 mph. The dealership took care of it (for which I'm happy) but I'm not sure if I didn't mess mine up worse than others had because I can't imagine driving like that for a week or three weeks like Lucid did (tip of the hat). I'm new to this stuff so not as aware of what sort of damage I can do (I believe the correct word is both ignorant and a little disbelieving that I'm driving the car as hard as others I hear talking about these problems).