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Originally Posted by Boosted335 View Post
lol you must be on your period tonight....

yes yes losing weight comes down to how much intake you got/how much u burn...

However everyones metabolic rate, the food they eat, how their body reacts to that food, what kind of food they eat, etc etc etc is all different.

There isnt a formula out there so your body can burn maximum fat, increase metabolism, or know why? Cause everyones body is different it would be pointless. Or else everyone would have a perfect body.

every persons body works differently thats a fact and every bodys body reacts to things in a different way depending on lifestyle,etc, contributing to different results for different people. If everyones body was so similar then there would be only one frecking diet plan for everyone to lose weight or to gain muscle or to get to 8 percent body fat..

Thats why there is wierd fucking people out there, like one of my good friends who eats 4000 calories a day and doesnt do jack shit all day, weights 165 pounds 6'2 and hes having a hard time GAINING weight. He gained 4 pounds last month, eating 4000 calories a day and he doesnt even go to gym, he doesnt work, all he does is study 24/7. You see how everyones body is different, he has an insanely fast metabolism. So now let me eat 4000 calories a dat and lets see what will happen to me? hmmm i bet you i will gain everything back in a matter of a month and more.

so yes, everybodys body is diff.

durrr, you mean there are variations between different people? no shit. thats irrelevant. every normal, healthy human being functions the same on a basic level. everyone loses/gains weight with a caloric deficit/surplus. everyone requires protein and EFA's to survive. there is noone to whom these and other simple laws dont apply.