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this thread makes my head hurt for so many reasons.

Originally Posted by Bmoney2K4 View Post
People usually gain all the weight they lost and then some. It is because as you lose weight, your metabolism slows down.
No, it doesnt. At least not to any meaningful degree. Dieting does impair functions like metabolic rate, but this is restored after ~2 weeks of eating at/above maintenance. People's diets fail because they pick up their old habits once the diet is 'over.'

I read all of these posts and none of them makes any sense.
thats because 9/10 of them are retarded. dont feel bad.

Don't take it personally, but I have been studying this topic for some time now and it seems to me the best time to eat is in the day. After about 6 pm, the diet should be limited to fruits and vegetables as the metabolism slows down at night.
So someone burning 2500 calories per day is going to lose more weight (fat) if they eat 2000 calories at noon than if they ate 2000 calories at 6:30? This is not how human physiology works, but humor me by trying to explain how a 500 calorie deficit is affected by the time of day the calories are consumed.

As far as calorie intake, to those people who say you must eat about 2,000 calories a day, give me a break. Like you're going to follow that b.s for the rest of your life. It is all about muscle retension.For every pound of muscle you lose you're body burns 30-50 calories less a day than it used to. The diet should consist of fruits and vegetables and you'll be okay.
Yea because fruits and vegetables are the key to muscle retention. It's not sufficient protein to remain in a positive nitrogen balance, enough EFA's to meet minimum requirements, and carbs to faciliate maximal exercise performance and glycogen resynthesis. Its bananas and broccoli. That's totally it.

Every [fatloss] diet you go on will lead to muscle loss.
The 1 factually accurate sentence in your entire post.*

*the sentence about less muscle burning less calories is only half true. yes, less muscle does require less calories, but the figure isnt 30-50 cals/lb, its more like 15. so if you lose a pound of muscle (which is a whole hell of a lot) that means you have to eat 15 less calories in order to maintain that weight. 15 calories is about 1 bite of a banana. hardly relevant.

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