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Whew, glad I wasn't the one who messed up your dedicated thread. I will chime in more about what I ate during my 50lbs loose.

1 piece Chicken Breast, 12oz Non-Fat Milk, 2 Boiled Egg White, Fruits, Mixed Salad, Baby Carrots, 2 Baby Tomatoes.
Every 3 hours, 5 times a day. Nectar Protein shake one in the morning, after workout and before bed Everyday. And 13~14 weeks later, I lost 50 lbs. I know this is little hardcore and not really recommended route. Luckily I didn't get much if not Any loose skin during this period, something I really worried about.

My workout routine was Mon. Wed. Fri. Full-Body weight lifting plus cardio(40mins of moderate running/fast walking or cycle).
Believe me if you want to loose weight do NOT skip full body workout before your cardio session. You will burn so much fat by doing this.
Tuesday and Thursday this is the day I push myself to the limit with High Intensity Interval Training done on Treadmill. It took me quite sometimes to be able to do all of 40mins. Once you get used to this routine, you can kick it up a notch by adding 1.0 speed to below chart.

3mins 6.3
4mins 6.7
4mins 7.0
3mins 7.7
1min 6.3
3mins 8.4
1min 6.3
3mins 8.8
1min 6.3
4mins 8.0
1min 6.3
3mins 7.0
1min 7.4
3mins 6.3
3mins 3.5-6.3

Anyways, I'd like to tell everyone who set their goals to loose their weight not to give up! I know this is not an easy task but you just got to fight through it. Now I am so glad I decided to loose weight, if I was still 200+ lbs @ 5'7" my 335i would be slower than now LOL great performance mod for sure haha
If you guys have any questions, feel free to PM me.

In the end, it really is all about what you eat not how much hours you spent on your workout. And NO, I didn't have ANY cheat meals during my diet. If you are gonna do it, do it right.