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Exercise doesn't work for me because I lack discipline. However, I am losing weight anyway. Slowly but surely.

I aim at 1800kcal/day but ok up to 2100. Nothing special and it is easy for me. Here is my little secret.

I do it 13 days on 14. On the 14th, I just don't care! Like tomorrow. There is always a social thing happening about each 2 weeks. So it is *VERY CONVENIENT*.

So instead of losing 1-1.25lbs/wk, I lose a time-proven 0.75lbs/wk.

I don't care for how long.... I know now that I have to do it for the rest of my life, like a diabetic has to be cautious the same way.

Give it a try.

I thought that 170 would be my ideal weight. Now I know that it is the upper limit of the BMI at 25 (avg frame) and I should bring my weight to 155.

155 here I come!