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Originally Posted by Boosted335 View Post
yo boosted just curious did you lose weight recently? or have you been?

Just a question for you...

I plan on increasing a little mass on me, however i feel like i still have too much fat on me to get to weights. I plan on doing that around 195 pounds or so....Do you think thats too late or should i start now?

Yo fruit cake, you should just listen to us and get an oversight, dont follow eithier/or, use them as a source for info and try them out, and see which works BEST for you. Im telling you listening to a lot of people will do nothing but confuse the fuck out of you. I recommend you do some trial/errors. This is what i did and what everyone does until you come to a solution that works best for you. I know its difficult but 2 months ago i couldnt even give you one piece of info, over time you will educate yourself. Take a piece of puzzle from everyone and build your masterpiece.
I'm currently on a cut diet (just finished bulking on 15lbs, and now I'm trimming off the fat)... my goals might be a little bit different than some on here in that I started cutting at 13%bf and am looking to get down to 8%bf before focusing on lean gains again (I'm currently at 10%bf). I learned through doing a lot of research and trial and error what works for me when it comes to gaining/losing weight. Many people who I know personally who aren't into lifting or anything think that what I'm doing is completely counter productive because they only focus on the scale and weight, but I can care less about that really... I care about body composition and weight is just an indicator of progress from week to week, its not really my only goal.

Through lifting weights/gaining muscle you will only be helping with your fat loss. Again, STOP focusing solely on the scale and think about body composition. 195lbs @15%bf is much different than 195lbs @20%bf so you don't need to have the mindset that if you start lifting weights than you will negatively impact your weight loss... its the complete opposite actually. When you first start lifting you will be able to pack on muscle and lose fat at the same time (ie. "noob gains"), which isn't the case once you get some time in the gym under your belt. I would recommend that you start lifting now... you will need to build a foundation sooner or later so why not start now? An easy way to look at it is that you need something to cut down to. If you have no muscle under the fat then when you shed the fat what are you left with? Just my 2 cents... you seem to have your diet down so it can only help to start lifting IMO.
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