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yo boosted just curious did you lose weight recently? or have you been?

Just a question for you...

I plan on increasing a little mass on me, however i feel like i still have too much fat on me to get to weights. I plan on doing that around 195 pounds or so....Do you think thats too late or should i start now?

Yo fruit cake, you should just listen to us and get an oversight, dont follow eithier/or, use them as a source for info and try them out, and see which works BEST for you. Im telling you listening to a lot of people will do nothing but confuse the fuck out of you. I recommend you do some trial/errors. This is what i did and what everyone does until you come to a solution that works best for you. I know its difficult but 2 months ago i couldnt even give you one piece of info, over time you will educate yourself. Take a piece of puzzle from everyone and build your masterpiece.