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Originally Posted by FruitCake View Post
Thank you so much for your reply Boosted335
I barely eat any carb now..barely a bowl of rice or some double fiber bread.
I eat mostly protein now, I think I should eat a lot less of it, like what I have done with carbs.
So I should eat mainly veggies?

Can I still do weights because I enjoy it. I don't do too much basically do every muscle groups 3 reps every day, takes me about 30-40 minutes to go through the weighs and about 40 minutes of cardio every day. And also, having a little bit of muscle doesn't hurt either right?

Overall I want to look slim, but if I can speed it up by doing light weights too and have some toned muscle, why not?

please advise if I am doing anything wrong. Thanks so much.
No dont get me wrong eat about 110 grams of carbs everyday(eventhough you are suppost to eat 75 percent of your weight) and 3 times a week eat about 80 grams of carbs cycle on and off so your body gets a shock. However at the same time when you are low low carbing it increase your fat intake so your body feeds off those(avacados/almonds, etc). Eat veggies with your lunch and dinner, i always eat steamed spinach with dinner for sure. I eat a very very minimal amount of carbs after lunch. So whatever carbs i eat its at lunch or before it. After that its mainly a tuna snack and then a salmon/chicken dinner with spinach and maybe 2-3 tablespoons of steamed brown rice. As you can see every MEAL, should have fat, carbs, protein.

In my opinion bro i wouldnt touch the weights, because if you lose the weight you will get cut up, if you lose enough, yes you will lose mass but thats something you need to decide.... Atleast if you are going to touch the weights be around 170 or so. You really need to know exactly what you want bro, if you think you look fat at 180, then get st8 to cardio, if you think youve gotten a little weight on you, then do cardio and weights...

Key is to listen to one person, everyone will tell you something different, im just telling you what worked for me. Every bodys body is different. However please let me know exactly what your looking for...and i can assist you better