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Originally Posted by FruitCake View Post
BoostedBMW i have a few quick questions for you

Im 5'7 and weigh around 180 so Im not in good shape but I've lost 20-30 lbs so far by just eating healthy and doing cardio+weights 4-5 days a week at the gym. Its been about 4 months.
How can I speed up the weight loss? I don't want to get cut or built, just slim.

I can get by with eating very little, I have pretty good control over that. For the 1st month I only at around 1k to 1.5k cal per day. After the 1st month I ate more protein.
Also, over the 4 months I've been eating mostly protein and very little carbs, should I cut out some protein too to maximize weight loss and just eat veggies and some fruit?
Im not cutting any food group out completely, but Im just saying, very little carbs and protein, and mostly fiber and fruits?
Hey there buddy at 180 you should be at around 2200 calories just to maintain your weight. Dont eat 1000 calories a day thats too little, eat around 1500 calories of CLEAN food, and try to switch from a normal carb day to a low carb day it worked for me. Depending on what you do a day you should be burning 1500 calories doing your normal stuff so all your food intake will be gone. And you will be at a 600 calorie deficit, and then if you do 400 calories of cardio 5 times a week, you should drop 2 pounds a week minimum. Eating too little is not a good thing, your body will store the stuff you eat at fat for energy instead of burning it..for energy

Honestly if you are trying to lose weight i would cut out the working out and protein shakes if thats not what you are after. You answered your own question, cut out the weights and protein, you said you are trying to lose weight, cardio should be your number one priority. You need to speed up your metabolism, eat atleast 6 times a day nicely proportioned. If you want you can cycle off using Hydroxy cut hardcore..

Generally eat a fruit a day MAX, veggies are no problem. Your best friends should be chicken breast, tuna, turkey breast.

You can follow this if you like, check my sig this is what is making my weight go down im down 30+ pounds so far....