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Originally Posted by pawarrant
There are some real sick anti-Americans on here. It is not worth it to argue with them, as they have no concept of reality. Anyone who equates the intentional killing of civilians on 9-11 to accidental killings of civilians by our military in response has serious mental problems.

I am an American!
And, yes, I would put that MO-FO to the court also for setting the rule -- if you don't like me and don't agree with me -- you are anti-American and not patriotic!
Just read my lines and tell me what was against the people of the USA and my own children???

All you and your leaders are doing is against the America and its people is sick.

As for the equating the 9-11 with what we do now around the world -- I never equated that, I told you what if. If we can change rules and fit them to our liking, why couldn't anyone else???

We occupied and massacred people over there just because we had an idea, never proven and never will be. You and Bush would ask, but if we waited... Well, prove it other way, I'll congratulate you, otherwise you're a scum as big as they are.