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Originally Posted by serven7 View Post
Anyway, the real reason why I posted was to ask a question. I dont remember where I herd it from, C&D, R&T or Fifth Gear but isn't it confirmed that the EDC "normal" mode is the fastest time around the track? If true wouldn't it make the option to go to a stiffer setting a useless option therefore eliminating the need for EDC all together?
Depending on the driving situation, EDC can adjust the dampers to yield more effective stiffness for transient response in normal than sport. That is what Larry Koch told me when I asked him about it in a BMW CCA event. Makes sense as that is what active suspension is for. EDC sport puts the dampers in passive mode, which means the computer sets the damping coefficient once and leaves it alone, whereas in the normal mode, the damping coefficient is being constantly adjusted.