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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
I see your point, and I even agreed with everything you said you up until the line above...
I can give you 1 good reason as to why not. You bought the car to enjoy it, and you bought the car to use it. The way I see it is, I rather enjoy it for 3-5solid years , (at its prime, before it is outdated by the newest and greatest), rather than use it for half a year only for 10-15 years.. I didn't drive my car for about a month this winter, and it was pretty damn hard and I realized after...what a waste to let it sit in the garage!
Well no one said half a year?
By next week, I should be good to use the M3 up until the end of november!
Thats 8 months approx?
(Give and take the nice days through the year like last week)

I think I'll probably put more mileage in those 8 months then you or mr. dave would put in a year!
and my reasons for not driving in the winter are valid!
So for 4 months I can afford to drive my other cars, the lexus gs300 or before it was the 745Li, which I sold a few years ago. or my company cars etc.

Trust me I enjoy the M3 way more, like this because it builds anticipation and the excitement factor is just phenomenal!

and when did I say I keep cars for 10-15yrs???
I will probably pick something else up in the next 2 years...and then keep the m3 as a winter beater

P.S. ok i would never do that to the m3