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First of all I do apologize if I was one of those people who messed up your thread. I didn't mean to. I thought I'd give you some motivation since I came far cutting my weight down to 150 lbs 5% bodyfat. However, once I got a job as restaruant manager I didn't really have time to hit the gym. My current weight is 160 lbs 11.7% bodyfat. I have been eating literally anything. And one day I saw a newspaper saying President Obama is spending 1~2hours everyday for exercising...I mean he is got to be the busiest man in the world and still works out everyday. So I signed up @ 24 fitness.
My Summer diet before the Summer is getting back to 145~150 lbs with 5% bodyfat.
I am going to say bye-bye once to all of those Junkfoods.
Anyways, I'm here to share some experience, NOT to mess up your thread LOL
I'm truly impressed on your progress Boosted. 15 more pounds to go, rock on!
Damn this thread got me all pumped up, I am going to the gym now.