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Originally Posted by dr325i
1) Read Geneva Convention on those bombs.
2) NOT everybody believed that Iraq had the WMD -- only us and UK wanted to believe -- France, Germany, China, Russia, etc did not. Actually, H. Blix came back with the report saying there is nothing there, but Bush did not like it. Do you really think you can hide the WMD overnight??? Use your brain.
3) The truth about Milosevic will never be found -- but we (the owners of the Hague court) said he did order that -- nothing was proven before he died. Now, you really think we are going to say the same about our leader??? Obviously brainwashed...
4) Saddam did not use it against Iran on Iranian teritory -- he used it against Kurds in IRAQ! And far away from killing 250k people in an instant
5) UN Resolution -- SHOW ME the resolution authorizing the use of force in 2003. Show me that the Security Councel approved what we did. Show me just if anyone else besides the US and UK supported the attack with no hesitation

6) My favorite -- civilians die in wars... So easy to say. Bet you had a smile on your face when you typed that line. Shame! Yes they die, but they should not die because we bombed a building thinking someone may have been in there then admitting a bad intel, or bombing the Chinese Embassy then saying -- ah our satellite image was old, or bombing the Belgrade TV station because it supported the current regime, just wiped off 19 young parents, and so many of those... I mean, what is stopping OBL from saying we planned to fly the plane into the military stuff, but clipped the WTC. I mean, do you really believe that we just accidentally did it??? And then, we just forgot them all and marked them as the colleteral damage like a roadside kill.

It is so obvious that you will never admit to any wrong doing of our all mighty military and our fearless leaders. And my intent is not to swing you to the other side and change your thinking at all.
However, what our Gov't has accomplished so far is:
1) Created more of the bad stuff than they elliminated
2) Caused regular Americans to constantly live in fear
3) Caused us not to be able to mention where we come from when abroad (and I remember when it used to be so powerful to say I am an American standing right next to the Eiffel Tower)
4) Will certainly cause the lives of my kids to be miserable

Unfortunately, I cannot find a single positive thing that came out of all this...


in the same paragraph with the WMD, nuclear, bio, chem...
The link you provided points to a document that is NOT part of any Geneva Convention. It is a resolution by a UN sub-commission and is in no way binding on any member state including the US. There is a Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, Protocol III, Protocol on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Incendiary Weapons which would relate to napalm but not cluster munitions. This protocol is binding on the US but it prohibits the indiscriminate use of the munitions in question. It does not prohibit the munitions themselves. The US signed the protocol with a declaration to this effect.

As for hiding WMD, how hard do you think it is to hide artillery shells filled with mustard gas? Aerial bombs filled with VX? 55 gallon drums filled with anthrax?

You are incorrect in your belief that Iraq confined its use of CW to its own population. Iraq repeatedly used both mustard and tabun against Iranian ground forces in Iranian as well as Iraqi territory.

I explained the applicability of the various UN resolutions in a post above so I will not repeat it here.

As for civilians dying in war, it is an unfortunate and tragic consequence of warfare. There is however areal and meaningful distinction between the intentional and deliberate killing of civilians and the the killing of civilians as a consequence of an attack on a legitimate military target. UBL could claim that the attack on the Pentagon was an attack on a legitimate military target but your argument falls apart because he deliberately used an airliner filled with non-combatants for the attack.

I freely admit mistakes by our military and leaders but I attribute them to just that, a mistake. People are wrong sometimes. They make mistakes but just because a mistake is made, it does not mean that their motives were anything other than sincere. You seem to want to attribute any wrong judgement or mistaken belief on nefarious motives.

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