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Originally Posted by M3 vert View Post

theres many reasons for someone like you to worry then, whos keeping there cars for 10-15 years:

1. Little Salt? I live in the GTA area, they use a lot of salt here!

2. Congested City - leads to higher chances of accidents! especially with the Gardiner, 401 and major regional highways we have around toronto!
I know even in summer there is a lot of cars on the road, but there is less chances of some idiot who makes a miscalculation and crashes into your new m3

3. If you drive a vert, its a fact over time the seals in the roof will start to detoriate and the car will develop wind noises and per the shop foreman at my dealer.

So in the end if i have a second car to drive why not?
I rest my case

I see your point, and I even agreed with everything you said you up until the line above...
I can give you 1 good reason as to why not. You bought the car to enjoy it, and you bought the car to use it. The way I see it is, I rather enjoy it for 3-5solid years , (at its prime, before it is outdated by the newest and greatest), rather than use it for half a year only for 10-15 years.. I didn't drive my car for about a month this winter, and it was pretty damn hard and I realized after...what a waste to let it sit in the garage!
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