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Originally Posted by tl_boy
i don't think people specifically fault China (its govt.) for the poverty or corruption, as you and I mentioned, that is common in developing countries. However, the Chinese government is particularly bad in covering up a number of horrible things, including gross human rights violations, extremely poor working conditions, etc. Every month for the past several months I have read incidents of various chemical plan explosions, mine collapses, etc. where hundreds of people have lost their lives. That, plus the human rights violations (forced human testing, there was a post on this b4), territorial bullying of Taiwan and Tibet and oppression by the government don't reflect very well on the country. In the struggle to achieve development, developing nations seem to be in a position where they are attempting to balance between the easing of their environmental regulations and labor policies, but they should never lose sight of fundamental human rights, and I think this is where many feel China is lacking compared to other developing nations.
I agree, but again, very normal and common for the country in transition. They are the last gov't that will be able to manipulate the whole nation if the transition is successful.

As for the gov't censoring and not showing what they don't want you to see -- I believe our (US) gov't is the winner in that column.

However, there is nothing easier then to sell the story to the American population -- put it on Fox, CNN, NBC for 2 weeks straight and the majority will accept it -- Clinton did it with Kosovo, Bush has been doing it from the day 1 -- everything he did so far was done after the public was brainwashed first.