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Originally Posted by ganeil
1. Civilians die in wars. Unfortunate it is true but unless the civilians were the intended target of the operation their deaths are neither illegal nor immoral.

4. You seem to be unwilling to accept the fact that EVERYBODY believed Iraq retained a chemical and bio weapons capability. The UN thought they did. The onus was on Iraq to prove to the satisfaction of the inspectors that they did not. They failed to do so and paid the price.
The accidental killing of civilians in war may not be illegal, but it is certainly immoral. Morality has nothing to do with international law.

It's also worth noting that the war on terror - including the invasion of afghanistan and iraq - is not a 'war' as legally defined. No declaration of war has been made by either side.

No EVERYBODY did not believe that Iraq retained chemical and bio weapons capability.

The chief UN weapons inspector (Hans Blix) stated prior to the invasion that he did not believe that there were WMD's in Iraq. This statement seems to have been correct.

That's why the invasion was not supported by a UN Resolution, was not backed by the majority of the G8 and was not approved by the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council.