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i don't think people specifically fault China (its govt.) for the poverty or corruption, as you and I mentioned, that is common in developing countries. However, the Chinese government is particularly bad in covering up a number of horrible things, including gross human rights violations, extremely poor working conditions, etc. Every month for the past several months I have read incidents of various chemical plan explosions, mine collapses, etc. where hundreds of people have lost their lives. That, plus the human rights violations (forced human testing, there was a post on this b4), territorial bullying of Taiwan and Tibet and oppression by the government don't reflect very well on the country. In the struggle to achieve development, developing nations seem to be in a position where they are attempting to balance between the easing of their environmental regulations and labor policies, but they should never lose sight of fundamental human rights, and I think this is where many feel China is lacking compared to other developing nations.

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First of all, China is not a Communist we think of it. It is very open to the outside world and the businesses are private -- directly against the definition of a Communist Country.

What do you expect from the fastest developing country in (recent) history? Almost 2B people there, the Government is able to support about 20 cities, everything in between is outside of their domain.
I travel on business to China quite often (this year 6 times) and I travel to Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Xian. But even when you drive from Shenzhen to Guangzhou (two-hour drive) you see the reality of China and the life between the big cities.
Actually, Shanghai is a miracle to me -- far ahead of NYC for example. It has between 24 and 28 million people with the surrounding areas. However, if you go about 8 miles outside from the heart of the city you notice the poverty and corruption... But that is very normal for the country of that size, rapid growth and amount of people they have...

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