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Originally Posted by Jaws
Great, we've killed thousands of terrorists. The problem lies with the fact that thousands more have been created. Military action alone will not solve this problem, but it will be part of the solution. The "war on terror" (that phrase makes my skin crawl) must be fought with a scalpel and not a hammer.

Well said.
We had a chance to decimate them (and probably capture the leader) in Afghanistan, if we closed the borders, and cleaned the $h*t.
However, W was too busy thinking about the oil and Iraq and messed things up. It is like you see a dozen roaches in the middle of your room, and you take a broom and hit them in the middle. You kill two or three, the rest disappears... That is what W and co. did -- distroyed a few of their training camps in Afghanistan, then they created many more all over the world. When are they and their followers going to admit that???