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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
To me, this didn't describe any advantage to the arrows. Instead, what you're really describing is your own methodology for deciding whether or not to ignore your own radar detector. I never ignore mine, so this doesn't describe any advantage at all. With the 9500, I've never misdiagnosed whether a cop is in front or behind me. It's all in the rate of change in the signal strength. First of all, when I detect a bogey, I SLOW DOWN...I don't decide whether or not to ignore my own radar detector and keep on speeding. I stay slow until the signal is gone.

You can always tell where the bogey is coming from: Slow rate of change, the bogey is behind you; fast rate of change, the bogey is in front of you. I'm only aware of one single pathological instance where the V1 arrows have any merit at all: when you pass one bogey going in the opposite direction, and there's another one a few hundred yards behind him. But other than that one pathological case, I've never heard another expample of the arrows providing any benefit that is otherwise unobtainable simply by being a smart and observant person.

The arrow did help me. Let me explain:

Quite often I will get a weak signal that is a false alarm from a passing car with a cheap radar detector that leaks. Without the arrow I would've assumed my false alarm was one of the nearby cars using a cheap detector. It was night time so I could only clearly see the cars to the side of me and in front of me and could identify none were cops. Had I not known the signal was coming from behind me I could've easily assumed it was coming from one of those cars. I knew to keep an extra lookout since it was coming from behind me and I hadn't been able to identify all the cars back there. I had a bogey count of one and the arrows followed to cop as it passed me. In my opinion the arrows made it easier for me to identify the threat and know when it was passed.