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Originally Posted by ///M PWR 00 View Post
Has Meisterschaft fixed the cracking issue like on the E46?

Yes, there were few titanium units (3 units: first production version E46 M3 titanium units) had problems (7 years ago)
and customer who had such units got replacement Titanium units at free of charge immediately, since then there was no problem.
Apparently one individual discovered this old news last year, put it out all over the discussion board intentionally to plant
negative impressions on Meisterschaft quality.
Yes, there was a problem 7 years ago with ti units and we fixed the problems immediately after the fact, and that was it.
E46 M3 titanium units, we also revised the design once again 5 years ago and that pretty much perfected the design, so everyone loved it.
You can verify this with anyone who has or had Meisterschaft Ti units.
Stainless steel units are free from this discussion.
also, a lot of design aspects;
careful consideration (previous experiences) went in for current production for Ti units (for all Ti models we build),
and we never had this problem again. Hope this clarifies your concerns.

Titanium units are cool and super light but at the same time,
it is extremly brittle, which means it is made out of very stiff material - Titanium alloy,
so when significant impact is given, unlike ductile stainless steel units, it can fail - meaning it can break.
But as long as when it is installed correctly and used properly, then there should be no problem with Ti units.
Is cold weather problem with Ti units? Answer is yes and no, Ti alloy material can and will have higher chance
to fail by same strength (given impact) at extreme cold temperature compare to normal ambient temperature.
But as long as you do a proper warm up, so it heats up the Ti units to ambient temperature and above,
then you are good to go.
Make it simple: Don't over rev the car when it is cold out, at least for first 10 mins
and don't hit something or go over something like a big rock. Hope this helps.

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