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Originally Posted by Asiann
Here is a good site to read up on military operations. War is not something anyone wants to do but sometimes necessary when dialogue does not. I would agree that the whole Iraq ordeal is something that has caused everyone some pain in some form. Being in the military is not easy today nor in the past. Just don't cheapen those who gave their lives to support and defend the country you live in with such freedom! Try leaving your family behind and going to a foreign land only to be in harms way. Yes its our decision to join but that is part of the job. There is good in all this aftermath if you care to find out!
Again, I salute you all for DOING your job!
I despise the leaders for allowing some of you not to return for their own causes. Our military is our DEFENSe, unfortunately, lately has been used SOLELY as the OFFENSE force!

As for the dialogue: Please explain it to me.
Saddam -- you have the WMD.
No I dont -- show it to me!
Blix find them. I could not find them!
OK, Powell, put together the PPT presentation and show the world they have it!
(Damn stupid French, Russian, Chinese, Germans, Belgians, Dutch... did not buy your little presentation).
Saddam you have 10 days to leave your country with your family OR...

*10 days later*
Dear citizens -- we have exhausted the dialogue. He's bad. He used the WMD against his own people. He has stock piles of nuclear, biological and chemical stuff. We have to act now or we're all dead!

So, if that is a dialogue, then...
Shame, shame, shame...

And yet, 4 years later, nothing is found, it is admitted it was never there. HELLOOOO -- we're talking nuclear (radioactive) and other WMD -- you cannot hide that in your pocked over night and not have it detected!!! Are we all so DUMB???!!!

Yes, Saddam was bad to his people. He is a typical dictator, so was Stalin, and Milosevic, and Korean dude... But has not done anything to us. We occupied Iraq a long time ago -- they could not operate north of this parallel and south of that one. WTF! Then, in 2003, we occupied the sovereign country killed many innocent civilians (call it a colleteral damage if you want -- I call is a war crime!), and all that against the UN rules.

If I were to be asked -- Bush should be sent to Hague along with the rest of dictators...