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Originally Posted by jimmyeatsworld View Post

Sound wise, I like it. It is loud. To describe what it sounds like, I think it has 2 tones to it. It has that deep low tone at take off/low rpm, then a higher pitch a little bit raspy scream at WOT, and there is little drone. Personally, I think it sounds better in person. The week before the install, I had my buddies hear the exhaust from the Youtube clips, and one of them didn't like it. That changed when he heard it in person that day, and says the clips don't do justice.
I agree with this completely. No offense to anyone, but I did not like the sound with the Youtube clips. I didn't want something just LOUD and deep. In person, I agree with everything you said, at the top end it has that slight exotic rasp to it while conveying that muscular/strong V8 presence. The clips do not do it justice, hearing it in person settled it, one rev is all it took.