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the first 30 pounds were not so difficult to lose, just eating right cutting the food intake and increasing the cardio. Dont get me wrong though definately need to have your fun with this new life style. I still drink with the guys if we go to a bar and such, i just like to eat clean the whole week and eat one cheat meal a week. I eat 6 meals a day, aka 42 meals a week. So 1/42 is not going to do anything or even 2/42.

Just matters what you want and how fast you want it....

I have a really good feeling the first 30 pounds were taken off my legs and stomach and a little from my face/waist, i have a big frame. The next 15-17 pounds im very very eager and pumped to lose, because itll actually get to my face and waist i believe and know so....Once im below 200 pounds or right at 200 then ill see how i like my body and go from there, if im not getting cut, ill cut down another 15 pounds and start lefting to gain mass while keeping my body fat down.

But ill tell you something guys, this is the skinnest ive been for over 2 and a half years(im 21) and ONCE you start seeing results and people who knew u at your fattest for me it was 30 pounds ago, come up to you and tell you omg did you lose weight you look good!, it really pumps you up!! I still have more weight to lose and i have a feeling im not going to stop until im below 200.....

It tookme 3 and half years to jump from 185-245 pounds, and im going to lose it again in 4 months max if i want to go to that weight....

guys pm me if anyone needs help!! and GO FOR IT, ITS WORTH IT..

my motivation was anger on jan