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Originally Posted by Heinzftw View Post
My daily intake of calories is around 1600-2000 calories. Add a mile jog to that and i'm headed for the finish line! I am currently 5'11 240 rougly. My best mile is a 8:26. Boosted is there anything else I should do to maximize my workout and weight loss? Im currently training for a half-marathon in july and NEED to cut atleast 40 pounds.
Hey buddy looks like u started where i did...

i am 6 feet tall and i was 246 pounds, chekc out my sig, my serious diet however began on jan 26th. I always had a nice fit body been a athlete my whole life, so i guess my body memory is still there. However, for 240 pounds you should roughly be eating 2800 calories a day to maintain your weight, aka 12 calories per pound. I would eat about 1800-1900 calories of CLEAN food, and amp up the cardio to about 35 mins 5 times a week. With this workout you should cut down pretty quickly....

Eat one or two cheat meals a week, aka in n out or pizza or whatever, to give your body a shock so when you jump on your diet again youll see more effects.