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Originally Posted by dr325i
Again, how can you compare the war against Germany (WW2) with the war in Iraq??? A WW2, where Germany attacked the whole Europe, Japan attacked Asia and us. And you compare that to something that was all but evident to happen -- Iraq was under sanctions for 15 years, people were poor there. Hussein had to keep them that way to stay in power. He did not care about the WMD to attack us or our alies, maybe to use them to control the situation inside Iraq (as he supposedly did). There was no evidence and is proven not to be that he was connected with the "terrorists". The rest of the world (except Britain and some ass kissing little nations) saw that but we did not care -- first thing we did is we broke the rule and attacked a sovereign nation. Was Hussein a good guy. HEll no, but did nothing bad to us and I never saw a slightest evidence that he planned to do so. Did ne hate us? Yes, so do many others from 7/8 of Europe to 90% of Asia and the rest. Do they hate us because we have this "great life here"??? That you may hear on CNN and Fox, but hell...many other countries live far better than we do.
In the end, previously mentioned ass kissers (pretty much) pulled out (Spain, Poland, Italy...), and us and Blair are alone in this war, spending tens of billions of $ every month instead of putting it somewhere else.
Do I feel safer now, 5 years after the 9-11 -- not at all, we're always a step behind them.
Now, there are many theories about the 9-11 event, and I don't read them and don't believe in those I read. But it is sad that Bush and co. used that tragedy as the excuse to do what they do in the world.

Again, I fear for the future of my children. I am getting old and will (probably) not feel the consequences of all this, but...
Thank you, well said!