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RTFM Brake Follow Up

The manual states that you should talk to "your BMW center" for "advice" on brake pads to use at the track (page 120). Well, I did that and without pressing the issue the answer I got was that stock pads should be fine for HPD type events. Since the center was voluntarily changing my rotors at the time because my stock pads melted to the rotors (new stock pads service center installed 3 weeks before the event) I wonder. Has anyone actually gotten information from BMW or a representative about a recommended non-stock brake pad for use at the track? There has been a lot of advice to RTFM on this topic on this board and yet when you do and follow that advice I wound up in a catch-22 (manual says stock brakes aren't good for the track talk to BMW and BMW says stock brakes are fine). Without me running around to every dealership in town and advertising what could be a warranty issue if I follow BMWs advice can anyone tell me if they've gotten different advice regarding track usage and "proper" brake pad selection? I don't mind buying brake pads for HPDEs but I would rather not buy rotors. My worry is that if I choose the pads, then BMW says I didn't follow their advice and I buy the rotors.