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Originally Posted by pawarrant
So you would support launching a war against North Korea?
I did not say that...but it looks more viable than the case about some country that was isolated for past 15 years, and PPT slides of "evidence" of WMD, and great Republican Army with 1948 rifles and sticks... Give me a break -- N.K. showed us teeth and we took them off the CNN and Fox News... It is shame how the majority of this population buys whatever the Gov't sells them, then a few years later realize how stupid it was...but it is too late now.
I hate wars, and what we have been doing lately (past 10-15 years, after the fall of USSR) is not justified at all. Remember -- history repeats itself and no other Power in the history was able to control the World (for a long time). I fear for our many ways -- already you cannot mention you're an American outside of the USA, Social Security will be gone, debt will be 15 trillion $, Polution, GLobal Warming, blah, blah, blah...we're setting them up for a rough ride...