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Originally Posted by Jaws
Up until now this current situation does not compare with the examples you have given, but this is far from over. People have to be held accountable for their decisions. That should also be part of the discussion.
Of course people, especially leaders, should be held accountable for their decisions. That is what we have elections for. Our nation made a decision that it was in our national interest to use military force to change the regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both of these decisions were made by the people we elected to make such decisions. Both decisions were made in an overwhelmingly bi-partisan manner. The decisions made are subject to review on a regular basis. The members of Congress who made the decision have been reelected to office in large numbers. The President who made that decision was also reelected.

The decision was made and reaffirmed - it is now time to put that argument behind us and decide to win what we started.

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