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Originally Posted by ganeil
I am not sure I follow you. What standard are you using for "mistakes in military history"? Surely you do not equate what is currently occuring in Iraq to the Roman defeat at Cannae, Napoleon's invasion of Russia, or the German seige of Stalingrad. Try to maintain a little perspective.

What is happening in Iraq is a low level insurgency and a low scale civil war. There is no way the Iraqi government forces, with proper US support can be defeated militarily by the forces currently arrayed against them. Defeat can only come about if the US public fails to politically support our efforts there.

Agree or disagree with the decision to invade Iraq, we are there now and how to win should be the only discussion.
Up until now this current situation does not compare with the examples you have given, but this is far from over. People have to be held accountable for their decisions. That should also be part of the discussion.
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