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Originally Posted by ganeil
The American Revolution, which launched he greatest experiment in human freedom was a mistake?

The US Civil War which expanded that promise of freedom to those to whom it had tragically been denied was a mistake?

The defeat of Nazi Germany was a mistake?

Dialogue requires two parties willing to compromise and there are certain principles that are not negotiable.

Somethings are worth fighting for. The alternative is tyranny and slavery.
WHat is so civil about war...anyway... one guy said...
Anyway -- the nazi thing -- we defended ourselves
but these wars lately -- against Milosevic in Europe, Hussein in Middle east, blah, blah -- crap and political propaganda.
On the other hand when there is a real threat (N Korea), we just stop talking about it and the American population (majority) forgets about it...
Although I cannot stand the current leader, he's not the only one that played these dirty political games with the wars and caused many families to loose its members...
God bless them all...