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Originally Posted by b man View Post
You guys are funny... i thought BMW's owners were a mature, affluent sort... I feel like im in a honda forum tring to sell some integra vtec wheels.... Why cant we keep the chatter to minimum...

I dont think its a rip off... the other sets have 1000-5000miles on them.. not 45 miles... You guys are super harsh... Freaking rude and annoying.... And crying about a price of something you are not even buying??
Do not even go there....rude and annoying are sweet words for these guys who say "I did not want to shit on your auction" when all they do is shit ON it all over the place....may be their toilet is clogged (i seriously think!!)

anyway, no matter which forum you go to you will find lowballers and bottom feeders....and people who just want to express their sense of BS "community" emotions....btw, when they come to sell they get shit on and that is when they realize what they had done before..ohh well!

If you go to the other parts of this forum you will see about 10,000 threads where people are debating how to get M3s for about $500 under invoice or if a car is a good deal or not (totally retarded threads) one has the aptitude to decide what a good deal is.....I mean, I have been reading the threads in forums for a long time and every time I see these guys haggling over $200 when the car is priced at 70K its but obvious that they want to hassle and haggle over wheels no matter how much they cost...

doesnt surprize me at yes, the real BMW owers are the affluent types, rest are all just trolls, having a 1999 civic stading in their driveway while they dream about Bimmers and waste time posting on a BMW forum...