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BMW secret E32 7 series with 6.7 V16

A 7series from 1987, 22 years ago with a 6.7litre V16 engine, very interesting:

With Bosch DME 3.3 which treated the V16 as 2 inline-8, each with their own electronically controlled throttle body.
Cylinder dimensions 84x75 mm bore and stroke are the same as the M70 so that it's capacity was raised from 4998 cc to 6651 cc which upped the output from 300 BHP at 5200 RPM and 332 ft lb at 4100 RPM to 408 BHP at 5200 RPM and 461 ft lb at 3900 RPM. valve lift and timing was the same for both engines as was the 91 mm distance between the cylinder bore centers. And like the M70 V12, it was in a very conservative state of tune compared with the smaller capacity engines. Given that it is 25% larger the weight of the V16 was claimed to be just 310 kg, only 60 kg more than the M70.

Six-speed manual gear box from the E31 8 series coupe.
Performance of the big saloon was extremely good with claims of 6.0 seconds for the 0-62 mph dash and an unfettered maximum speed in excess of 175 mph.
Ghe sparemo.