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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Yes, you can use a clipping indicator if the amp have one, but most often than not clipping indicators are found in processors and in line drivers and not in amps. So we are back to square one: adjust all you can the gains/levels at those devices before the amps , i.e., get the highest low level input possible before the amps. That will give you the cleanest sound possible without any added hiss, IMO.
OK. I get the idea of how you've approached this now. I guess if you wanted to be on the safe side and be sure that no devices would ever clip the signal, you could turn the amp gains to min, crank the volume to max, and set everything else in between using the clipping indicator.

I've never used a DSP with a built in line driver so I've never actually used one of these indicators. The only DSP I ever used was the Alpine H701. The amps that I was looking at that started this whole thing was the Kenwood Excelon X4R. Built in DSP with clipping indicators but I'm starting to think that only the crossovers would be useful because the parametric EQ bands are not really infinitely adjustable. So I would probably end up getting an outboard EQ anyway.
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